Wednesday, November 3, 2010


1. Which stage does the following occur

Chromatin condenses into chromosomes: Prophase

Chromosomes align in center of cell: Metaphase

Longest part of the cell cycle: Interphase

Nuclear envelope breaks down: Prometaphase

Cell is cleaved into two new daughter cells: Cytokinesis

Daughter chromosomes arrive at the poles: Telophase

2. The colored chromosomes represent chromatids. There are two of each color because one is an exact duplicate of the other.

How many chromosomes are visible at the beginning of mitosis? 8 strands

How many are in each daughter cell at the end of mitosis? 4 daughter cells

The little green T shaped things on the cell are: centrioles

What happens to the centrioles during mitosis? The centrioles will divide after the DNA replicates. This will happen during the Interphase.

Identify the stages of these cells:
3 . Identify the stages of these cells: Telephase prophase


The nucleus is in the center and the centrioles are going near the end of the "poles" of the cell. The chromosomes are in the center of the nucleus.


The spinal fibers have connected near the center of the cell. The chromosomes are in the same position that they were in during prophase. The centrioles are also in the same position in prophase.


This is the last step in the process of mitosis. This process is when the cells have completing the duplicating and they have split into two separate cells. Every daughter cell has the same amount as their parents cell had.

Interphase Prophase Metaphase Anaphase Telophase Total
number of cells 20 10 3 2 1 36
percent of cells 55% 28% 8% 6% 3% 100%

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Whitefish telophase metaphase prophase anaphase there is no view 5
Onion metaphase metaphase prophase interphase anaphase

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